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the evil lair


i care about bartz and his tight pants so much

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You’ll be … my living Legacy.

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artdump again gosh is my attention span a thing of wonder

Sector 8


“Battle Medley 2012 (Final Fantasy I – XIV),” FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague - Final Fantasy Orchestra Album

A medley of battle themes from across the main numbered series.

  1. “Battle 1,” Final Fantasy
  2. “Battle Theme 1,” Final Fantasy II
  3. “Battle 2,” Final Fantasy III
  4. “Battle 2,” Final Fantasy IV
  5. “The Final Battle,” Final Fantasy V
  6. “Decisive Battle,” Final Fantasy VI
  7. “Those Who Fight,” Final Fantasy VII
  8. “Force Your Way,” Final Fantasy VIII
  9. “Battle 1,” Final Fantasy IX
  10. “Otherworld,” Final Fantasy X
  11. “Awakening,” Final Fantasy XI
  12. “Boss Battle,” Final Fantasy XII
  13. “Blinded By Light,” Final Fantasy XIII
Nobuo Uematsu
Crossing Those Hills
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Game: Final Fantasy IX
Track: Crossing Those Hills


There were better times, for us, I just can’t remember when.


final fantasy xii (you have no idea how hard it is not to make a final fantastea pun oh wait i just did) tea blends for balthier and fran! artwork by urdnotkassa; blends co-created; full list of game blends found here! if you’re new to adagio and you want a gift certificate for five dollars to get a tea half-off, let me know!

THE LEADING MAN, caffeinated

All the best characters have so many layers. The accessories must match the man—and you can never have too many colors. Rich yet sensitive, sweet yet spicy, classic yet innovative. Charming; delicious; naughty and nice. With a touch of vanilla, shadows of chocolate, a hint of almond and traces of peppermint, you’re sure to ask for an encore from the leading man himself—because there’s more to this one than meets the tongue.

MIST AND SYMPATHY, caffeinated

Green tea to remember the Green Word, the spice of freedom, and the sweetness of accepting solitude. The dry finish of the White Monkey blend is like a wise Viera who rarely laughs at a best friend’s jokes; the ginger and citrus is the twist of her secret smile; and the earthy warmth of sweet berries is the comfort, the companionship, two unlikely partners offer each other on their travels.

Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu
Song of Prayer ~ Valefor
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Game: Final Fantasy X
Song: Song of Prayer ~ Valefor

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